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...dogs, cats, birds, rabbits... and other creatures, too... since 1983

We think we're different. No, not weird or odd or peculiar (well, maybe all that too), but just good-different.

We've been caring for all types of pet, and relocating them and other animals, for more than 30 years. Our owners and current management team have almost 70 years of combined animal care, relocations and veterinary experience. Our staff are never let loose on our customers, their pets or our business partners until months of customer care, animal care and relocations training have been successfully completed. Our vets and nurses remain in regular professional training to continue to develop their qualified expertise, and further training of one kind or another remains constant and ongoing for all our other employees throughout the business and throughout their careers with us. Employment with us is treated as a serious professional career choice, not a pleasant pastime or short-term vocation or stopover job.

We take for granted that love of animals, and the joy of them, is a core function of our work and of the deeper character of the person doing the work, yet we also know that there is a whole lot more to animals and their boarding, daycare, veterinary care and relocations than just loving them. Love without real training, real knowledge, real procedures, real management and serious expectations is, well, just love. And love is a lot, but we think it’s not quite enough.

When we communicate with you, our two-legged customers, we want to speak well and write well so that it's pleasant to deal with us and so that there’s always clear understanding between you and us, to the very best of our ability; not frustration and confusion. And we want our trained animal handlers, relocations managers, vets, nurses and receptionists to understand our entire business, not just their own little corner of it, so that when you are communicating with us, you're dealing with knowledgeable, capable people who have insights into most of what you want to know and need to address.

We can provide you with a wide breadth of the important pet and other animal-related services: Veterinary Care, Global Relocations and Boarding & Daycare. And we are the exclusive, official Animal Handler for Emirates Airline and dnata (and by extension, almost all other airlines) at Dubai International Airport and Dubai World Central.

We are honest and transparent with our customers, even if that transparency puts our business at risk because of a mistake we've made ~ and yes, we make mistakes. We are not perfect. But we do know some stuff and we try really very hard to be extremely good at it all. We try extremely hard to genuinely know each pet's and pet owner's differences, which is part of what we think makes us different too.

We'd like you to come meet us, talk with us, walk through our Boarding, Daycare and Relocations facility in Umm Ramool and visit our Veterinary Clinic in Motor City (other forms of contact welcome too!). We know you'll be shopping around, and so you should ~ let us be two of your stops.


What do you mean by "Airport Oversight"?


First of all, we do not mean that we are in some way in charge of the airport! Goodness! No,

<h3>What do you mean by "Airport Oversight"?</h3><p>First of all, we do <em>not</em>&nbsp;mean that we are in some way in charge of the airport! Goodness! No, that's not at all what we mean. Sounds great, but no.&nbsp;<img alt="" src="/graphics/ic_smiley3.png" /></p> <p>This is what we mean: In addition to providing "Transit Care" for animals in transit through Dubai International Airport (DXB) and Dubai World Central (DWC), we are also responsible for the overall well-being and safety of <em>any</em>&nbsp;animal (except horses!) at DXB and DWC, even if those animals are not transiting but instead are importing or exporting. In other words, although we have our own import and export shipments of animals, there are obviously many other imports and exports of animals into/out of DXB and DWC which are <em>not</em>&nbsp;DKC shipments ~ instead they are shipments being handled by pet owners themselves, other shipping agents, etc. Once these animals come into the airport, either after arrival or while awaiting departure, most of them are cleared or depart without requiring any care or attention of any kind because everything is in order with them and no special circumstances arise. However, when there is a need for any additional attention, we are the ones who handle all that. Furthermore, and in this spirit, we are responsible for general "oversight", in the sense that whether or not we are called in by Emirates or dnata to provide additional necessary attention, we will simply keep an eye on all animals in the AVI (i.e. animal) areas of the airport to ensure things are alright; if any action is required, we take it.</p> <p>In truth, the vast majority of shipments require no additional attention by us because these animals are being properly handled by the shippers, pet owners and airlines. For what it's worth, nevertheless, we are around anyway.&nbsp;<img alt="" src="/graphics/ic_smiley3.png" /></p>

Can DKC manage both the import and export sides of my pet or other animal?

<h3>Can DKC manage both the import and export sides of my pet or other animal?</h3> <div class="faq_ans_img"><img src="http://www.dkc.ae/images/faqs/faq_3.jpg"></div> <div class="faq_ans_text"><p>Definitely yes! For sure! Yup!</p> <p>Well... maybe. Read on.</p> <p>There are two parts to any relocations process: 1) the export; 2) the import; and they need to be seen as distinct processes because, in fact, they are (although both sides coordinate with each other). We can definitely assist you with the import side if you're coming <em>into</em> the UAE, and we can definitely assist you with the export side if you're <em>leaving</em> the UAE. And that's because we, obviously, are <em>in</em> the UAE.</p> <p>Right, now that's clear.</p> <p>However, there always needs to be someone (you, a friend or another relocations agent) handling things on the "other" side of a relocation, which means that if you're importing into the UAE, someone will have to handle things in your country of origin. If you're exporting from the UAE, someone in your country of destination will have to handle things upon the arrival of your pet. There must always be a physical presence on both sides for the handing of it all.</p> <p>And so, you can of course engage us to handle the UAE-based stuff (please do!), but in the other country, you will have to have yourself, a friend or another agent handle that side of things. If you're going to use another agent, that's when we can step in to help with <em>both</em> sides of the shipment - although the other agent will be doing the physical work required at the other end, you may wish to deal with only one company for the management and payment of the whole process. In which case, we can manage that for you. There will of course be an additional management fee, but you might be happier having to deal with only one company, including all payments.</p> <p>And by the way, if you do want to find another agent on your own, in your non-UAE location, check out <a href="https://www.ipata.org/ipata-pet-shippers-air-and-ground" target="_blank">IPATA.org</a>, where you'll be able to search for pet/animal shippers all over the world.</p></div>
Can DKC manage both the import and export sides of my pet or other animal?
Definitely yes! For sure! Yup! Well... maybe. Read on. There are two...

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