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Dubai Kennels & Cattery (DKC) was established in 1983. DKC Veterinary Clinic (a Dubai Kennels & Cattery company) was established in 2015. We are a Western-owned and managed company with a combined 80+ years experience at the management level in animal care-management, animal relocations, small-animal veterinary care and other ancillary services. We have two locations: our facility in Umm Ramool, Dubai, provides boarding, daycare and relocations services for all types of animal and is just a few minutes from Dubai International Airport (DXB); our veterinary clinic is located in Motor City, Dubai. We serve all major airports of the United Arab Emirates in our relocations efforts, aided by a fleet of specially fitted animal transport vehicles. We have capacity for up to approximately 180 dogs and cats, plus facilities for birds, reptiles, rabbits, rodents and just about any other type of pet, giving us a combined capacity for more than 200 animals. Our relocations business completes approximately 1,500 shipments a year involving thousands of animals and as IATA CASS Associates we execute all air waybills in-house and process all shipments and related transactions through Emirates' SkyChain and dnata's Calogi. And in addition to our own imports and exports, our role in providing general animal care oversight and transit-care management for DXB- and DWC-based airlines of domestic, commercial and exotic animals has us handling many thousands more animals each year which are being moved by other local and international shippers. Our operation is 24x365, including out-of-hours emergency availability, with approximately 50 staff employed in dedicated, focused and highly trained roles within the animal care, veterinary and shipping businesses ~ and many of our staff in all departments, at all levels, have been with us for many years.

We are the Animal Handler for Emirates and dnata (and by extension, almost all airlines) at DXB and DWC. Our relationship with the UAE Ministry of Climate Change & Environment (MOCCAE) is very solid at all levels. As a member of IPATA and ATA, we benefit from excellent connections and relationships worldwide for the movement of animals of all kinds, and we have very significant, expert local relationships in the UAE to provide additional knowledge and support as required in the handling of both domestic and exotic animals in shipment. We and our customers experience substantial benefits and advantages as a direct result of our three disctinct but integrated business units: boarding, shipping, veterinary.

Our very strong local and international brand ~ the dog and the cat with their travel suitcases ~ fairly represents our long-standing core business activities and success, but belies the quiet back-end of our commercial activities. Contact us for any of the following:

Commercial, Military and Charter:

Regardless of point of origin and final destination, or just for the UAE segment of a shipment, we provide experienced animal shipment management and handling for most types of animal ~ commercial, zoo or otherwise, including: small or large-scale military dog movements, working dogs, large mammals, birds (including baby chicks), reptiles, fish, etc. (We currently do not ship horses.) We can also make arrangements for charter flights.

Manufacture of Animal Shipping Crates:

We manufacture best-quality animal shipping crates for almost any type of animal, including: all domestics; birds; large and small feral mammals, including dangerous animals; zoo animals; and aquatics. All crates meet or exceed IATA and airline standards, using wood, steel and other materials.

Transit Care & Airport Oversight:

As the Animal Handler for Emirates and dnata at DXB and DWC, we provide care and oversight for all types of animal flying through Dubai in transit to other final destinations, or animals importing/exporting into/out of the UAE and needing care as they await import clearance or export departure. Arrangements for transit care services are made by you with the airline at the time flights are booked and all care requirements and schedules are arranged between DKC and the airline and/or dnata. You are welcome to contact us directly.

Animal Handler Resourcing, Recruitment & Training:

We can support your organisation in a number of ways, in partnership or through subcontract: recruitment and training, direct outsourcing, or internal training of your people at our facility or yours. Furthermore, although we are not qualified security handlers with working dogs, we can provide resourcing, recruitment and training services preliminarily for the provision of animal handling staff intended for these purposes.

Commercial Boarding:

Short- and long-term boarding for working dogs, including 24-hour on-demand road transport to/from their place of work.

Road Transport:

Any animal by road within the UAE. Also, depending on the legal requirements and animal welfare issues, we can consider road movements beyond UAE borders.


Finally, if you already operate or will operate any kind or size of animal care, veterinary or shipping facility and think it might benefit you to gain the input and insight of our experience, we remain always available for short- or long-term consultancy.

We place a very high premium on sound ethics and simple kindness with regard to animal care and employee and customer relationships in all their aspects, and can provide guidance in: all areas of staffing and quality staff development; infrastructure design and materials; best practice in boarding, veterinary and shipping; IT and other technologies; industry-specific customer management; and any other aspect of this often complex and endlessly demanding industry.


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