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No, sorry, this is not a list of all the places you can live in the UAE which are pet-friendly. What a disappointment, eh?! No, this is a little simpler, and as you can see, rather briefer.

Have you just arrived in the UAE or are preparing to leave? Have a pet but you yourself are without a home?

Well, that's pretty common in this part of the world, believe it or not (so don't be embarrassed that you're homeless). Many pet owners coming to the UAE for the first time, or those just about to leave, find themselves without their own home for a while as they transition from one country to another, what with work and tenancy contracts starting or ending.

One solution, of course, is to board your pets with us until you're settled. Another option is to temporarily stay in a hotel or hotel-apartment so that you can keep your pet with you ~ unfortunately, ones which are pet-friendly are rather difficult to find, but these are the ones we know of:


Grand Hyatt Dubai Residence

World Trade Centre Apartments

If you know of any other organisations which should be listed here; or if you're already listed here but don't want to be; or if you want to be but we've made some kind of mistake with your details... let us know.

Or don't let us know. That's ok too.


Can I take my dog to public places? Are there dog parks? What about beaches? What about pet-friendly places to live?

<h3>Can I take my dog to public places? Are there dog parks? What about beaches? What about pet-friendly places to live?</h3> <p>The UAE is not yet the perfect place on Earth in this way. But don't be put off!</p> <p>Here's the bad news:</p> <ul> <li>There are no public dog parks.</li> <li>Dogs are not allowed in the public parks that do exist (and there are not too many of these anyway).</li> <li>Dogs are not allowed on the beaches.</li> <li>Dogs must be on a lead and under control when on streets with you (but this probably goes without saying).</li> <li><a href="/docs/Municipality_Letter_to_Dog_Owners_13-Feb-2008.pdf" target="_blank">Certain breeds</a> are required by the local municipalities to be muzzled.</li> <li>There are pet-friendly residences (apartments and villas) but they are not always easy to find.</li> </ul> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>Here's the good news:</div> <div> <ul> <li>You can certainly walk your dog just about anywhere if on a lead and under control (but clean up after yourself!).</li> <li>Outside city centres, there are plenty of open desert spaces for your dog to run around in.</li> <li>Once you've been here for a time, you'll get to know from the existing dog-owning community more about where and how you can take your dog out for the pleasure of the outdoors and exercise.</li> <li>There are a large number of kennels operators which is one way for you to socialise your dog.</li> <li>There are dog training groups by many dog trainers in the country.</li> <li>You can find pet-friendly places to live and once there, things are pretty comfortable. Especially if you happen to live in a villa with some land around it.</li> </ul> </div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>Generally, it's true that the UAE is not as supportive to dog owners as many other places in the world, but there are plenty of pets and pet-owners here, and with some acceptance of compromise, things are fine.</div>

Is it safe to bring my pet into the heat of the UAE?


Yes it is safe. In fact, thousands of pets are imported into the UAE each year; the vast majority

<h3>Is it safe to bring my pet into the heat of the UAE?</h3><p>Yes it is safe. In fact, thousands of pets are imported into the UAE each year; the vast majority do perfectly well here, regardless of the breed.</p> <p>What about those which don't do well? Fundamentally, when things go wrong (such as dehydration and/or heatstroke), it is about how these pets are managed rather than their innate inability to cope with the heat or the fact of the heat being prohibitive. Yes, the UAE is VERY hot for at least 4 or 5 months of the year, and yes you must be careful about this during these periods, but isn't it extremely cold in January in Canada? Or hot in Texas in July? Aren't there any number of locations around the world with extreme temperatures at certain times of the year? And aren't there pets in these places too? Of course there are.</p> <p>You should be aware of the dangers of the heat here, but if you're thoughtful about this, you should be neither worried nor overly concerned. Do some research on the internet and talk to your UAE-based vet for guidance about things to watch out for, and at the most basic level be aware of such things as not&nbsp;leaving your dog or cat outside during the hottest periods of the year for too long, and always make sure there is plenty of water readily available, even if you're going for a walk.</p> <p>There is more to learn about this and plenty of information available from any number of sources. But yes, in short, it is safe to bring your pet.</p>

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