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DKC Veterinary ClinicBoarding & Daycaredkc video touranimal relocations
animal relocationsDKC Veterinary Clinic Boarding & Daycaredkc video tour
animal relocationsBoarding & Daycaredkc video tourDKC Veterinary Clinic
dkc video tourBoarding & Daycareanimal relocationsDKC Veterinary Clinic

DKC Veterinary Clinic hatching in 2014!!

Yesssssssiiiiirrrrreeeee! We're going veterinary !
In mid-2014 (we're not sure yet EXACTLY when  ) we'll be opening our new veterinary clinic in Motor City, Dubai.

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Animal Care. Animal Relocations. By Animal People.

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Two-Legged Timings

  • Sun - Thu 9am-5pm
  • Fri Closed
  • Sat 2pm-5pm
    (for boarding only,
    by appointment only)
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DKC Veterinary Clinic
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