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animal care by animal people the kennels, the catteries & the kennatteries the lounge the aviary smanimals... our other creatures love... and other stuff too prices & admission requirements gotta book early!

Look at the top of this page. See the dog-and-cat logo and their funny little suitcases? Well, our logo doesn't quite tell the whole story.

Smanimals ("Smanimals ?!" you say?... yep, small animals.)... and other creatures too. See the pictures? What can we say? Whatever you've got, we'll take 'em in. We just wuv 'em all.

Prices & Admission Requirements

P.S.   All Emirates Group members get a 10% discount on all our services related charges ~ Boarding, Relocations and Veterinary! But shhh... don't tell anyone!

Animal Care. Animal Relocations. By Animal People.

Love... and other stuff too

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DKC Veterinary Clinic

Animals do Believe it. too. Believe it.

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Oh, and by the way, they do too !

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Two-Legged Timings

DKC and DKCVET have different opening hours.

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