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about our clinic (philosophically speaking...) our vets our nurses pet food, pet meds, pet accessories, pet STUFF!! dubai's pet municipality tags & registration vaccinations the lazy way pets exports ~ the veterinary stuff neutering your pet wingin' it with birds laser therapy for pets collection & delivery nationwide tap to show all

The Veterinary Clinic Blues Blahs...

dkc vet clinic blahs

Doesn't EVERY vet clinic... your friendly neighbourhood superhero pet clinic... have the same to say? The BEST veterinarians? The Animal Clinic of the Gods? Glorious lists of their medical equipment. Illuminating lists of the awesome and varied services they provide. Confounding recounting of stuff they have and do, using language which, for the most part, is incomprehensible to you and which, in all its apparent uniqueness, merely repeats in one form or another what you read on website after website, at veterinary clinic after veterinary clinic.

Weeeellllll... in OUR case... IT'S ALL TRUE!! dkc veterinary clinic blah blah

All the veterinary services. Or the right referrals.

Whatever kind of animal doctoring (is "doctoring" the right word here? dkc veterinary services) your pet needs, we can. We have all the equipment. We have all the services. And if, by some kind of unlucky chance, we don't have or can't do what your pet needs, we will tell you so ~ and then we'll guide you to the right place, if at all any alternatives are possible... even if that right place is another veterinary clinic in Dubai or elsewhere in the country... or beyond.

Speaking of which...

Veterinary care, indeed medical care for any living thing, is not really (or just) about the equipment and the services. It's actually about the quality of that equipment and those services. It's not just about having an x-ray or ultrasound machine but rather about having the quality of x-ray or ultrasound machine that makes diagnostic difference, and about a level of medical knowledge, skills and practices which augment what those great and essential machines are saying. It's about the underlying management and functioning of the vet clinic affecting medical behaviour and protocols (and the adherence to those protocols). It's about the quality and attitude of the vets, the nurses, everyone at the clinic, and the knowledge and skills they bring to bear on the process of understanding and caring for your pet.

It's about those great tools actually being great and not just a tickbox on a list for marketing purposes; and it's about those great tools being in the right hands and minds of people who want to make a very real diagnostics and treatments difference.

It's about what's going on behind the scenes of a medical facility and whether or not the way things are done match or better the lists of what can be done.

And that's what our website is about.

Our People. Our Two-Legged Timings. Our Place.

Wanna see all the faces of our vets, nurses, receptionists and all the other folk running around our place?! Of course ya does! See 'em on our Pics of Our People page.

So, have we got you mouth-wateringly keen to come for a visit? Of course we have! Check out our Two-Legged Timings. And if what we've told you so far isn't quite enough... check out our pet food, pet meds, pet accessories, pet STUFF!! too.

Oh, and the pics!! Don't forget the pics! Take a look at Pics of our Veterinary Place and get all gushy with us about how gorgeous we are! (We are, right?)

P.S.   All Emirates & FlyDubai Platinum Card holders get a 10% discount on all our services related charges ~ Boarding, Relocations and Veterinary! But shhh... don't tell anyone!
  • general consultations
  • vaccinations
  • Dubai municipality tag registrations
  • nail clipping
  • anal gland expression/emptying
  • dental cleaning
  • dental extractions
  • digital dental x-ray
  • cardiac ultrasound
  • abdominal ultrasound
  • diagnostic imaging
  • fine needle aspiration
  • cytology
  • blood smear evaluation
  • haematology
  • biochemistry
  • endocrinology testing
  • internal medicine
  • soft tissue surgery
  • spays
  • castrations
  • orthopaedic surgery (TTA, platings and intra-medullary pinning, external fixation, spinal surgery, patella luxation, all types of fracture repair)
  • conjunctival grafts
  • cherry-eye repair
  • thyroldectomy
  • exploratory laparotomy
  • thoracotomy
  • caesarian section
  • splenectomy
  • cystotomy
  • enterotomy
  • enterectomy
  • intestinal anastomosis
  • gastropexy
  • conjunctival grafts oesophageal tube placement and feeding
  • general anaesthesia with warmed air blankets and warmed air inspired breathing circuits
  • doppler and oscillometric blood pressure monitoring
  • ECG
  • endoscopy
  • pulse oximetry
  • capnography
  • laser therapy
  • oxygen therapy
  • cystocentesis
  • thoracocentesis
  • abdominocentesis
  • euthanasia
  • cremation
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