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DKC is the worst place in the world to work. The boss is intolerable. The staff are just mean. Most of us can only just barely get along with animals. Pay is terrible and only the owner of the company can afford fresh milk and cereal for morning breakfasts. No one is allowed annual leave and public holidays are considered an offence to the profit motive.

But it doesn't stop there!

Our boarding & daycare and relocations facility in Umm Ramool has beautiful trees and other flora all over the place... but they're all artificial because the company doesn't want to spend the money on watering. And our veterinary clinic in Motor City is... well... a hive of bacteria and disease.

We have a fleet of vehicles for animal transport that look very smart but in fact the engines have been removed in favour of a team of hamsters under the hood... think of the savings on petrol!

Our computers are still running Windows 95 and instead of Microsoft Office, we employ ball-point pens, paper and finger-staining carbon sheets.

We have nice looking DKC shirts for all the staff, but all the staff get only one each and are required to wash and iron them every single day before coming to work.

We could go on...

~ ~ • ~ ~

Yet somehow... somehow... we don't know how... but somehow... we've got lots of staff who have been here with us for years, including quite a few who have been with us since Dubai was still mostly desert.

We're a busy, busy, busy place with thousands and thousands of animals coming into our boarding & daycare and veterinary care, or being relocated around the world, every single year. And our customers seem unhappy with us only occasionally. Go figure!

So, if you're looking for an unusual place to work... if you want to work hard... if you love animals and if they generally love you back... if you have no fear of unrelenting demands on you to be absolutely your best and to get even better... and if you instinctively understand and want an informal but very professional place to spend your days and earn your daily bread, then we might just be the place for you.


Careers Image


(No previous experience required. We do not hire internationally for this role.)


We need a receptionist for our Veterinary Clinic in Motor City.


Lots of phone calls, emails, customers and their pets every single day. We are a demanding bunch with exacting administrative processes and requirements. You must be extremely fluent in English and obviously have instinctive organisational and task-management skills, as well as being a whiz on the computer and on the phone with our customers... all the while enjoying our many four-legged creatures at your feet.


So... do you have this particular itch?



(Previous veterinary or human medical experience required. We do not hire internationally for this role.)


We need an Assistant Veterinary Nurse for our busy Busy BUSY clinic! You must have veterinary or human medical experience, so please understand that being in love with the poodles is not in itself quite enough to get you hired! ;-)


First the bad news ~ ready? You will be doing a lot of night work. 7pm to 7am shifts for a 7-day week, followed by 7 whole days off, following by 5 day shifts, followed by 2 whole days off, and then repeat the cycle. If you're ready for THAT, then read on!


Now, because we assume you've got related experience, we're not going to spell out too many of the details of the job... because you already know them, or many of them, right? Right! So, here, briefly and in high-impact run-on sentences, is the nitty gritty:


Your job will consist of assisting our Qualified Veterinary Nurses (a.k.a. QVNs) and Veterinary Surgeons with a whole range of things, including holding pets for examinations, sample collection and anything else they cruelly throw at you. You will also provide actual nursing care under the supervision of our QVNs and Vets, including administering medications, monitoring blood pressure, general patient wellbeing, etc. etc. etc.; you'll walk our dogs, feed all our dogs and cats and rabbits and birds and other animals in our clinic ~ always lovingly and caringly going about your work, but also doing downright knowledgeable and high-quality work; you will have lots of general cleaning duties throughout the practice, including cleaning of veterinary equipment and instruments; you will run in-house laboratory tests, clean and prepare our operating theatre for surgeries, and assist QVNs in preparing patients for surgeries and in their post-surgical recovery.


Got it? Good!


And you know what else? If you prove over time that you're real good at what you're doin', and you want to train up to become a QVN yourself... we'll help you do that. Seriously.


We need quality people to do quality work. We pay quality salaries. Our place is a bit high-pressure but it's also pretty good fun (when the boss ain't around!).


Get in touch by email only:


Please understand that we cannot respond to all applicants. We receive a very great many applications and can only respond to those which are being considered for a position.


Animal Care. Animal Relocations. By Animal People.

Love... and other stuff too

+971-4-211-4800 email

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