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DKC is the worst place in the world to work. The boss is intolerable. The staff are just mean. Most of us can only just barely get along with animals. Pay is terrible and only the owner of the company can afford fresh milk and cereal for morning breakfasts. No one is allowed annual leave and public holidays are considered an offence to the profit motive.

But it doesn't stop there!

Our boarding & daycare and relocations facility in Umm Ramool has beautiful trees and other flora all over the place... but they're all artificial because the company doesn't want to spend the money on watering. And our veterinary clinic in Motor City is... well... a hive of bacteria and disease.

We have a fleet of vehicles for animal transport that look very smart but in fact the engines have been removed in favour of a team of hamsters under the hood... think of the savings on petrol!

Our computers are still running Windows 95 and instead of Microsoft Office, we employ ball-point pens, paper and finger-staining carbon sheets.

We have nice looking DKC shirts for all the staff, but all the staff get only one each and are required to wash and iron them every single day before coming to work.

We could go on...

~ ~ • ~ ~

Yet somehow... somehow... we don't know how... but somehow... we've got lots of staff who have been here with us for years, including quite a few who have been with us since Dubai was still mostly desert.

We're a busy, busy, busy place with thousands and thousands of animals coming into our boarding & daycare and veterinary care, or being relocated around the world, every single year. And our customers seem unhappy with us only occasionally. Go figure!

So, if you're looking for an unusual place to work... if you want to work hard... if you love animals and if they generally love you back... if you have no fear of unrelenting demands on you to be absolutely your best and to get even better... and if you instinctively understand and want an informal but very professional place to spend your days and earn your daily bread, then we might just be the place for you.


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(No previous experience required. We do not hire internationally for this role.)


Daily care of all our dogs, cats and other creatures in our Boarding & Daycare business, with lots of other duties you might not normally expect, including lots and lots of administration, phone calls and emails. You’ll be an energetic and involved person with a respect for responsibility. We are looking for career-minded people, eager for long-term commitment, training, responsibility and the joy of a very unusual lifestyle. And, of course, you will also be a natural with animals.


(No previous experience required. We do not hire internationally for this role.)


We need an office coordinator -cum- receptionist for our Veterinary Clinic in Motor City.


Just a receptionist? No way! Yes, lots of phone calls, emails, customers and their pets every single day. But... very importantly... also back-office stuff ~ LOTS of stuff, requiring lots of attention to detail while you help us manage our clinic. We are a demanding bunch with exacting administrative processes and requirements. You must be extremely fluent in English and obviously have instinctive organisational and task-management skills, as well as being a whiz on the computer and on the phone with our customers... all the while enjoying our many four-legged creatures at your feet.


So... do you have this particular itch?



(No previous experience required. We do not hire internationally for this role.)


You must love, and be naturally good at, handling animals. You will be good with people and a responsible company representative. Lots of vehicle transport of animals; lots of work at airports and government offices in the UAE; lots of office admin, computer work and paperwork; lots of errands all over Dubai; and LOTS of hard physical work and driving and nighttime work. Absolutely must have a UAE manual driver’s license.



(We will consider applications from outside the UAE for this role.)


We are looking for an experienced general practice veterinary surgeon to join our 7-member veterinary team. We want an individual who is fundamentally driven to provide excellent medical care for their patients and has keen people- and customer-handling skills.


We have all the modern diagnostic toys and tools that a vet who enjoys doing quality work could want. Our tools of the trade include: an extensive in-house laboratory; a very expensive and awesomely capable digital x-ray machine; cardiac and abdominal ultrasound; full dental equipment, including digital dental x-ray; laser therapy; and, of course, all the equipment required for orthopaedic surgery... among other things.


Our clinic has four consulting rooms, a decent-sized hospital and a pretty spacious operating theatre. (Our x-ray room is a little small, but we ran out of space in the design phase!) We also have fully integrated practice management software, PACS, and a digital hospital board which integrates with digital patient treatment and anaesthetic monitoring sheets ~ just about as paperless as you can get.


The salary is very competitive and our working hours are humane, by managerial dictate ~ promise!; our vets work five days a week on various rotas, and we do not have out-of-hours emergency call-out services (we instead refer to another clinic which provides such services on our behalf, when needed).


If you're interested and have the experience and skills we're after, do get in touch.


And if you're already a working, experienced and registered vet in the UAE, we would LOVE to hear from you!



(We will consider applications from outside the UAE for this role.)


We need qualified veterinary nurses to help keep all our moaning veterinarians whipped into shape! And of course to help us manage our lively surgical load and keep things steaming along.


We are happy to consider applications from QVNs who are in the beginning of their careers. We are also ideally looking for one QVN with 10+ years experience, or close to that. Both experience levels are welcome to apply.


You need to have an interest in and solid experience with anaesthetics (and at the very least a very healthy respect for the subject), as we take anaesthesia and patient safety very seriously, striving always to get things absolutely right. This means you will have lots of lovely electronic machines and other bits and pieces to play with, but it also means that the position is not without pressure ~ there is a high expectation for quality of work and active thinking.


Have we put you off? No? Not yet? OK, let's try again. :-)


We have a very technologically advanced clinic, so you will need to be ready to learn and to become proficient with all our techy toys, including, of course, computers and our practice management software, but also our PACS system for all our digital imaging (xray, ultrasound, dental xray, endoscopy), our digital hospital and anaesthetic sheets (we are pretty much entirely paperless!), and all the other various pieces of equipment we utilise every day during our diagnostic and treatment processes.


And our patients? Oh yes... of course... our patients! Well, at the end of the day they are the most important part of what we do and we expect you to have compassionate focus for them at all times ~ you truly must be a nurse at heart. The pet owners are relevant too (yes, we know... sigh), so excellent, confident communication skills (beginning with English-language proficiency but extending to that "x-factor" when it comes to talking to people and that built-in desire you will have to make sure important things are well understood) are all also a big part of the job requirement and of working at DKC.


If, after reading all this, you're still up for it and are genuinely ready for some hard, invigorating work and learning, get in touch.

Get in touch by email only: careers@dkc.ae


Please understand that we cannot respond to all applicants. We receive a very great many applications and can only respond to those which are being considered for a position.


Animal Care. Animal Relocations. By Animal People.

Love... and other stuff too



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