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For many years, people who loved us and hated us said it all here. Right here!

But then... it all stopped. Why? Well, Google and Facebook reviews, of course! Yeeeeehhhhhaaaaaa!

As they say, if ya can't beat 'em, join 'em, right? Right! And soooooo... see the three BIG red and blue bubbles? If you want to read social media reviews about us or write one, click on the bubble of your favourite social media reviewing app and go for it!

And if you'd like to read the many rewiews of us on this page from years gone by, just scroll down a bit and start feasting! They're all completely unedited and raw ~ the good and the bad ~ but we've made this page read-only. If you want to actually write a new review, click one of the red and blue social media bubbles instead.

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COVID-19 and DKC

Always get the latest update from us from our Facebook page:
DKC Boarding & Daycare, DKC Relocations and DKC Veterinary Clinic are still providing all services, including free Collection & Delivery..
We are doing our best ~ you, DKC, everyone ~ to respond to and cope with coronavirus. And that means we are still operating fully, though not quite normally.
Please see our Collections & Delivery and Two-Legged Timings pages for important changes to our services during this time.
And please do look at these letters, sent to all our customers, for more insights into happenings at DKC:
To Our Customers
(25 March 2020)
To Our Customers ~ An Update
(6 April 2020 / updated 6 May 2020)
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