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One of the GREAT BIG questions of our age is... what the hell is municipality pet vaccination and registration... what is a "tag"... and why do I need to do this?!! (Heads up! A "pet passport", or indeed a "dog passport" or "cat passport", is related to international pet relocations, while this information is solely about the vaccinations and tags you and your pet need in Dubai and the UAE. Got it?!)

Keep scratching your head because although this page is about providing all that guidance, we don't even attempt to resolve the larger philosophical issues.  

If you're a Dubai resident, this one's for YOU!


Why do I need to register my pet with the Dubai Municipality?

  • If your pet goes missing but then is found and is brought into the Municipality's Veterinary Section, they have a central database which will help them connect your pet's tag ID number and microchip number to your contact details. That's a pretty good thing, right?
  • Pets who are not registered are either rehomed or, if deemed unsafe, are euthanized. (Not a pleasant subject to talk about at all, and how they assess "safe" or "unsafe" is waaaayyyyyy beyond our influence and, sometimes, beyond our understanding.)
dubai municipality pet vaccination

What are the prerequisites of getting my pet registered for an ID tag? And how often do I need to get my pet vaccinated?

  • Well, by law, your pet is required to have a microchip and the rabies vaccination, and these are required in order to get registered with the Dubai Municipality and to get an ID tag.
  • Registration is required annually, along with the renewal of the annual vaccinations ~ Dhppi/L and Rabies for dogs, Flu/Enteritis and Rabies for cats.
  • Not only does your pet have to have the rabies vaccination, but that vaccination needs to not be expired ~ it needs to be up-to-date. This means that the rabies vaccination must be no more than 1 year old since it was last administered and still be valid when the tag is purchased by you.
  • As we've said, your pet must be microchipped. If your pet has not been microchipped, the rabies vaccine cannot be given, which means you cannot register your pet with the municipality. Which means that the universe will go dark and Darth Vader will appear in your living room around 2am on a Friday demanding all sorts of evil from you. Be VERY afraid.

When getting vaccinated and registered and "tagged", what are the requirements?

  • You must present your Emirates ID or your passport containing a valid UAE visa. (Duh!)
  • Your pet's vaccination card confirming up-to-date annual vaccinations and the microchip.
  • You must live in the Emirate of Dubai. If you've had enough of Dubai, MOVE OUT!!
municipality veterinary clinic dubai

How is registration actually done?

  • The clinic you use (DKCVET, right? RIGHT!!?) logs into a government website called Smart Government and registers your pet.
  • The Smart Government website requires your full name, your phone number and the area you live in, and your email address. A copy of your Emirates ID (or passport/visa) is also uploaded and attached to your pet's registration record.
  • The information required about your pet is her/his name, microchip number, date of birth (or approximate), the date of his/her up-to-date rabies vaccination, sex, species, breed, colour, updated Municipality Tag number... and a partridge in a pear tree (well... not really that last thing).

Your pet's NOT registered??! Oh no!

  • Failure to register and vaccinate your pet, if discovered by the government, will result in a first warning with 3 days given for you to indeed then get him or her registered and vaccinated. Further noncompliance will (if discovered by the government) result in a fine... and if your pet is STILL not registered after that, your poochie-pooch or kitty-kat could be confiscated.
  • Lost pets which are then found but are not wearing a tag will be seized by the municipality.
  • Dog owners walking their dogs without a municipality tag can be fined. (...and we have NO IDEA how much! Sorry!)
municipality vet dubai

Where does the tag go once I have it?

  • Ideally, your pet should always wear their municipality tag, attached either to the collar or a leash.
  • If your cat is one of THOSE cats who always loses their collar (and therefore their tag), you can probably get away with not attaching the tag to her/him (somewhere, somehow!) but this will make things more difficult if your cat is indeed caught by an inspector or someone else because they'll not immediately have that tag for quick identification and tracking back to you. However, with the microchip still present, it should... probably... work out happily in the end.
Is it safe to bring my pet into the heat of the UAE?

Yes it is safe. In fact, thousands of pets are imported into the UAE each year; the vast majority

<h5>Is it safe to bring my pet into the heat of the UAE?</h5><p>Yes it is safe. In fact, thousands of pets are imported into the UAE each year; the vast majority do perfectly well here, regardless of the breed.</p> <p>What about those which don't do well? Fundamentally, when things go wrong (such as dehydration and/or heatstroke), it is about how these pets are managed rather than their innate inability to cope with the heat or the fact of the heat being prohibitive. Yes, the UAE is VERY hot for at least 4 or 5 months of the year, and yes you must be careful about this during these periods, but isn't it extremely cold in January in Canada? Or hot in Texas in July? Aren't there any number of locations around the world with extreme temperatures at certain times of the year? And aren't there pets in these places too? Of course there are.</p> <p>You should be aware of the dangers of the heat here, but if you're thoughtful about this, you should be neither worried nor overly concerned. Do some research on the internet and talk to your UAE-based vet for guidance about things to watch out for, and at the most basic level be aware of such things as not&nbsp;leaving your dog or cat outside during the hottest periods of the year for too long, and always make sure there is plenty of water readily available, even if you're going for a walk.</p> <p>There is more to learn about this and plenty of information available from any number of sources. But yes, in short, it is safe to bring your pet.</p>
Can DKC manage both the import and export sides of my pet's or other animal's relocation?

Definitely yes! For sure! Yup!

Well... maybe. Read on.

There are two parts to any

<h5>Can DKC manage both the import and export sides of my pet's or other animal's relocation?</h5> <div class="faq_ans_img"><img loading="lazy" src=""></div> <div class="faq_ans_text"><p>Definitely yes! For sure! Yup!</p> <p>Well... maybe. Read on.</p> <p>There are two parts to any relocations process: 1) the export; 2) the import; and they need to be seen as distinct processes because, in fact, they are (although both sides coordinate with each other). We can definitely assist you with the import side if you're coming <em>into</em> the UAE, and we can definitely assist you with the export side if you're <em>leaving</em> the UAE. And that's because we, obviously, are <em>in</em> the UAE.</p> <p>Right, now that's clear.</p> <p>However, there (almost!) always needs to be someone (you, a friend or another relocations agent) handling things on the "other" side of a relocation. If you're importing into the UAE, someone will definitely have to handle things in your country of origin. If you're exporting from the UAE, someone in your destination country will have to handle things upon the arrival of your pet if your pet is being exported as "manifest cargo". (What is "manifest cargo" and "accompanied/excess baggage? Read our <a href="/docs/Pet_Flight_Options.pdf" target="_blank">Pet Flight Options</a>). There must always be a physical presence on both sides for the handing of it all when travelling as manifest cargo and when additional import requirements demand this.</p> <p>And so, you can of course engage us to handle the UAE-based stuff (please do!), but in the other country, you will have to have yourself, a friend or another agent handle that side of things. If you're going to use another agent, that's when we can step in to help with <em>both</em> sides of the shipment - although the other agent will be doing the physical work required at the other end, you may wish to deal with only one company for the management and payment of the whole process. In which case, we can manage that for you. There will of course be an additional management fee, but you might be happier having to deal with only one company.</p> <p>And by the way, if you do want to find another agent on your own, in your non-UAE location, check out <a href="" target="_blank"></a>, where you'll be able to search for pet/animal shippers all over the world.</p> <p>But why did we exclaim "almost!" a couple of paragraphs up? Well, in departing the UAE, there are many countries around the world that permit the entry/arrival of pets travelling with you as "accompanied/excess baggage" rather than as "manifest cargo" for Customs clearance following arrival. This is not to say that additional assistance in the destination country is <em>never</em> required simply because your pet has travelled accompanied/excess baggage, but there are indeed many countries for which the entry requirements do <em>not</em> require this type of additional assistance (e.g. import permit, on-arrival quarantine, etc.). In other words, more research!!</p> <p>Complicated, this import/export thing, eh?  </p></div>

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