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This is DKC's Privacy Policy. Fascinating reading ~ go for it!

Information Collection

We collect and maintain the following types of information we collect from our customers and website visitors: IP addresses, browser type and version, operating system, page views and website navigation. As part of our normal business processes when you use our services, we collect and keep your individual name, mobile number(s), email addresses, billing details, address details, and credit card details (note that we do not store credit card data on our servers). We also keep images of your pets, as well as their name, date of birth, vaccinations, experience while with us, and their behavior, as well as any information we need to ensure that you and we have all the necessary information required to care properly for your pets. We also might keep information which our customers send us, such as reviews, comments and feedback.

Cookies and Local Storage

When browsing our website, we do use cookies but we do not store visitor data on our servers.

Third Party

We do utilize third-party integrations with Google, Facebook and other important providers to enhance our knowledge of our website usage and user experience, including Google Analytics.

International data transfers

Our website fully implements secure HTTPS connections.

Payment and Financial Data

For online payments, DKC employs a secure channel to our payment gateway processor, where your credit card information is entered and used for the purposes of payment transactions. DKC does not save nor even comes to know your credit card details at all when making payment to us online. The only information that is stored is that of the payment transaction itself, without any credit card details.


DKC may update this privacy policy at any time.

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