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We come to you. Collection & Delivery (otherwise known as "C&D" to DKC insiders ) in Dubai, across the United Arab Emirates, or even beyond. We come to you in specially fitted, secure and safe, air-conditioned animal transport vehicles, as you would expect.

If you're boarding with us, relocating with us, or if you'd like to just stay at home (or at work, whichever the case) and get us to collect your pet for veterinary visits (vaccinations and other relatively minor things) to our clinic or any vet in Dubai, then can do! Aaaaannnnnd... if you're really lazy, you can drop your pet off at our clinic in Motor City and we will take her the rest of the way to DKC in Umm Ramool for her boarding stay or relocation. How's THAT?! And the cost? Well, hold your heart and take a look at our Price List. (See? Not so bad after all.)

And we don't send "drivers". In fact, we don't even employ "drivers" for any of our animal handling. We have trained Animal Handlers and that's who will come to you.

Now please, do not worry at all if you see a snout sticking out one of our front passenger windows ~ that's our advanced navigation system!

What are your vehicles like? How will my pet travel?

We use converted passenger vans (such as the Toyota Hiace) which have been heavily modified for o

<h5>What are your vehicles like? How will my pet travel?</h5> <div class="faq_ans_img"><img loading="lazy" src=""></div> <div class="faq_ans_text"><p>We use converted passenger vans (such as the Toyota Hiace) which have been heavily modified for our pet collection and delivery service. Take a look at <a href="/what-we-do/collection-delivery" target="_blank">Collection & Delivery</a>.</p> <p>Now, as we've said, these are people-passenger vans, <em><strong>not</strong></em> cargo vans; this is an important distinction because passenger vans have windows all round the vehicle so that plenty of light gets in, and also high-quality air-conditioning throughout. Furthermore, we've added fans to create even better air circulation.</p> <p>All the seats have been removed, of course, and replaced by metal flooring with embedded hooks, so when we put your pet and her/his travel box into the van, we can use strong ties to secure the boxes in-place.</p> <p>And finally, there's no partition between our handlers who are driving the vans and your pets in the back, which means we always know what's going on and your pets aren't isolated at all during the trip.</p> <p>And just so you know, we transport any animal in these vehicles, not just your dogs and cats.</p> <p>Oh, and one more thing: We do <em>not</em> have "drivers". The same Animal Handlers who take care of your pets when in our care are the ones who will come to your home for Collection & Delivery.</p></div>

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