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Pet Corner is BACK! And so is my pet's bad breath!

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Howdy doo! After a long two-month summer break, we're back! And you're back too, aren't you?! Vacations (or should we say mass exodus from the Middle Eastern heat?) are over and kids are gettin' ready for school... again. So we thought we'd talk a little about your dog's bad breath! What's the connection between summer break and dog-breath? We have no idea... but we need to segue somehow, don't we?

Did you know that apart from being unpleasant, smelly breath in dogs and cats is often a sign of serious dental disease? It's true (but don't panic!); approximately 85% of adult cats and dogs have periodontal disease by age 3! Plaque (that invisible sticky film made up of old food and bacteria that covers the teeth) builds up and toxins from the bacteria cause gingivitis and periodontal disease. Left unchecked, the disease becomes irreversible, and tooth-loss and deeper infection will occur. But wait! The good news is that periodontitis is preventable! As with us two-legged folk, dogs and cats need dental care: appropriate dental chews, regular dental check-ups, and preventative hygienic cleaning of the teeth by a veterinarian.

So go give your pet one of those close-up snuggles we all love... and breathe!



  1. Brush your pet's teeth! (...if they'll allow it!). Decrease the need for veterinary dental cleaning.
  2. Dogs and cats usually HATE minty- and fruity-flavoured toothpaste - use the special toothpastes made just for them.
  3. Regular veterinary dental cleaning can really help avoid bad teeth, bad breath, pain and extractions. Check with your vet!



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