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Hairy Days

If your furry little kitty cat is leaving hair all over the house and you're finding it stuck to what seems like every single surface in your home, you just might be loosing your patience. You've probably abandoned the idea of ever wearing black clothing and you might even be carrying unwanted, stowaway hairs as you exit your home. By now, we're guessing that his hair is driving you mad.

Don't despair too, too much. It's important to keep in mind a few things about your puddytat and his coat. Know that it's completely normal for him to shed fur all year round and much more so during early summer when he needs to drop his excess winter fluff (could you imagine wearing a fur coat in this heat!?). Even so, also know that hair life-cycles and turnaround times are poorly understood in cats, in fact, and can differ between the breeds.

So when is shedding NOT normal? A useful rule of thumb is to remember that if he has a hair coat in good condition and has no skin problems such as excessive dandruff (yuck!) or itching, and is not showing hair thinning or bald patches, then the shedding is normal. However, underlying skin allergies or infections can cause abnormal shedding, as can certain more general disease processes. So, if you're suspicious of any of these, do take kitty to the vet.

And to help maintain a healthy coat, feeding him a good quality, veterinary recommended food is important. It might be a good idea to also include in his diet fish oil supplements that are rich in omega fatty acids. Also, regular brushing followed by a rub-down with a damp cloth (he'll love the attention and you'll be rewarded with lots of purring!) or a chamois cloth are great for removing those invasive hairs. There are also some great topical products available for application to the skin that will help keep the coat healthy and encourage less shedding.

This all said, DO remember that shedding is NORMAL - you just have to figure out the most effective way of controlling it in your cat for your household. With some effort, maybe you'll be able to ditch the lint-rollers stationed throughout your house!

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