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We've got the cameras and a small team of world-class photo and videographers at the ready (you believe that, don't you ), and now we've got your pet ~ how about a pic or three while you're away? Or a short video? Come on now, you know you want them!.

When your pet comes in for his or her stay with us, just let us know that you'd like Pet Pics or a Video while you're away and we'll get snappin' and shootin'. When it's all ready, we'll let you know by email and then all you have to do is browse to this page to ooooooohhhh and aaawwwwwwe !

And head on over to our Facebook page too, where each week we post our "Weekly Photo Shoot" ~ tens of photos... and sometimes a couple of hundred photos... of all the animals staying with us (whatever the kind) during that week, all in one Facebook photo album. Not quite the same as a dedicated Pet Pics or Video of your own pet on our website, but lots of fun nonetheless.

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Lady Lee

29 Mar 2018

All Years ~ 10 of 1769

Coco Baird

24 Apr 2018

Freddie Clarke

11 Apr 2018

Baci & Balou Lemercier

02 Apr 2018

N'Arielle Almanza-Mathieu

29 Mar 2018

Lady Lee

29 Mar 2018

Cody, Zulu & Rafi Subel

08 Mar 2018

Charlie Venkatesh

01 Mar 2018

Bianca Simpson

21 Feb 2018

Snowy Darmawan

13 Feb 2018

Maxx & Magic Sahay

10 Jan 2018

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