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Pet Pre-flight Planning

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When was the last time you bought yourself a first-class flight to somewhere? Ooooh the luxury of it. Emirates inspire you to "Keep Discovering"... well, discover this!: Relocating your pet can roughly compare in cost to a first-class ticket for you! Ouch!

Yet it doesn't stop there. Imagine now that you're buying that first-class ticket BUT you have to start the spending seven months in advance AND incorporate over that period all sorts of logistical planning, including running around to put that planning into action! Flight and air waybill bookings; travel boxes; government regulations on both ends of the move; veterinary visits. Double ouch!

But there you have it. You, the pet owner, will have to face a pretty costly and potentially complex relocation of your family and pets; we, the pet relocation specialist you might use, have to face the undeniable reaction many of our customers have to the cost and process. And we know that when we acknowledge and sympathize (which we do!), this does not make you feel any better. Ouch again!

Or not. You see, depending on your destination (and whether you're using an agent or not), the costs and logistics can vary immensely. If you're moving to Australia, for example, the entire process generally encompasses a 6-7 month period and significant costs. Conversely, if you're travelling to Qatar or Canada, for example, there is relatively little planning and preparation required and the costs can be dramatically lower (again, with or without an the help of an agent), though still a bite.

So, what's the message? Start planning early. Speak to friends with experience; comb the internet forums for information and insight; talk to your vet; speak to pet relocations agents for guidance and cost estimates. As to whether or not you want to work with an animal and pet relocations specialist, or a removals company who also relocates pets, or do it yourself... ultimately this becomes a very personal choice, all based on your perception of the value of the expertise you might pay for, and of course your budget.

Summer is coming folks and this is when many of you are indeed relocating. Plan and prepare.

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