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Did ya hear? It's right here! Every week. A new weekly column all about pets from Dubai Kennels & Cattery (, and we've teamed up with Al Safa Veterinary Clinic (, another vet in Dubai, to tackle it all! We're going talk about your dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, hamsters, tortoises, lizards... and even your most beloved pet rock (if that's what you want)! Behavioural issues (not yours, your pet's!), pet relocations, veterinary care and related issues, dog training, pet boarding and pet-sitting, grooming... and anything else we can think of... or, more importantly, anything you can think of! Yes we are. Bring on the conundrums, 'cause we're going to talk (well... write, actually) every single Sunday (good thing we're not shy)! Maybe we'll even throw in an interesting or fun pet story every now and then. Join us. Or better yet, participate.

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Help! My dog has bad breath!!

Did you know that apart from being unpleasant, smelly breath in dogs and cats is often a sign of serious dental disease? It's true (but don't panic!); approximately 85% of adult cats and dogs have periodontal disease by 3 years of age! You've all heard of plaque, of course... that invisible sticky film made up of old food and bacteria that covers the teeth. Well, as it builds up, toxins from the bacteria cause gingivitis and periodontal disease. And as you might guess, left unchecked, the disease becomes irreversible, and tooth-loss and deeper infection will occur. But wait! There is good news! Periodontitis is preventable! As with us two-legged folk, both dogs and cats need to have dental care ~ specific, appropriate dental chews (ones that won’t break teeth), regular dental check-ups, and preventative hygienic cleaning of the teeth by a veterinarian.

So go give your pet one of those close-up snuggles we all love... and breathe!

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