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The Purrfect Cat Home

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Cats are expert hunters. Hunting is typically a solitary affair and cats in the wild spend up to 6-8 hours hunting every day. Hunting is essentially what their bodies have been designed to do, and they do it well. Cats have the ability to hear high-frequency sounds like small rodent squeaks that are inaudible to us two-legged folk and dogs. They also have incredibly agile bodies with tightly controlled muscles which increase flexibility when hunting, allowing them to turn corners at high speeds, and of course to climb and jump beautifully well.

So what can we offer these little stealth hunters at home to keep them content? Well... INNOVATE!

As you know, cats are naturally curious creatures, so giving your cat new things on a regular basis will keep boredom at bay. But don’t worry - you don’t have to purchase new playthings every week. Cats enjoy an empty box just as much as an expensive squeaky mouse, so all you need to do is think up new ways to present their toys to create a new, interesting environment where they can spend the day exploring. And... RECREATE!

Cats love to hunt, so recreating this experience for them at home will be very invigorating for them, and will give overweight cats some much-needed exercise. There are some great feeder puzzles available which release tiny treats when played with. And you can give your cat an all-day treasure hunt by hiding food in different places around your house. In any case and in any way... STIMULATE!!!

It’s important to keep your cat stimulated, especially if he’s an apartment cat. It’s essential that cats get plenty of affection and play from you because often you are their main or only social companion. If your cat becomes stressed or frustrated due to boredom, he may become sick, so here are some things you can do to create a great environment for your cat at home:

  • Provide at least one scratching post for your cat to strengthen his muscles and sharpen his claws. This is natural behaviour for cats.
  • Offer him a safe place to hide. If you have a multi-cat household, it’s important that your cats can hide from the more overpowering felines.
  • Make sure they have access to the essentials, such as water and food. If these are out of reach or your cat has to pass an aggressive cat to get to them, he will become stressed. Place the food and water where he feels safe and comfortable.
  • If you're moving house or boarding your cats, make sure to give them bedding and toys from home with a familiar smell to help ease them into their new environment.
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