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Love me, brush me!

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We love our pets... but what does "love" entail? Well, in addition to OODLES of cuddles and BUNDLES of treats, you gotta give love but other stuff too.

Our pets deserve and need affection AND maintenance; they need to feel clean and comfortable. We wash our faces when we wake up in the morning; well, our pets need their eye mucus wiped away too, especially breeds like Maltese, Yorkies, and Persians. Nothing complicated or scientific - just a damp cotton pad to wipe that cruddy crud off and then dry the area well. Easy-peasy!

How about your long-haired beauty? Does she get brushed regularly? Did you know she might be getting matted behind the ears or between her paw pads? And who likes having tangles in their hair? No one! And the longer these matts are neglected, the worse they get - imagine having a hard clump of fur knotted so close to your skin that it gets hot, itchy, and irritated. Not only is it uncomfortable and even painful, but it's also a great breeding ground for bacteria, especially in this weather! But you could prevent all that with a brush and some elbow grease. A few extra minutes of bonding time with your beloved pet is all you need! It can even be done during the commercial breaks of your favorite soap opera (come on now, we know you're watching 'em). If you’d rather not do the work yourself, take a trip to the groomer instead.

Nail-clipping is important too. If your dog's or cat's nails get too long, they can grow right into the paw pads; that's like an ingrown toenail and can become a rather serious problem. One nail-clipper can last you a lifetime. If you're not comfortable doing it yourself, phone a friend, take her to a groomer or a vet, or bring her to DKC - we don't charge for nail-clipping and it only takes a few minutes!

  • Regular brushing is important, even for short-haired pets. It helps get rid of dead hair.
  • Clean pets' ears, but don't go in too deep or get them wet inside.
  • Don't bathe your pets too often. Once a month for dogs is fine; cats can do with even less. Pets with skin conditions may need medicated shampoos from the vet.
  • Check your pets' bottoms once in a while. Poo may be stuck in the surrounding fur, or anal glands may need expression.

All pets, regardless of breed, hair length or willingness to cooperate, need to be physically cared for, just like we do. Constant preventative maintenance is the key to happy, healthy pets. Go on now, express your love. Pick up a brush!

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