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The Real Poop

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Has your dog developed a propensity to poop inside the house? It’s not one of his better tricks, is it? And, like all tricks, dogs can learn new ones, including when and where to defecate... with your guidance, of course.

So, how to deal (and, avoid his “trick” being meted out in front of company!)? Well, it will require vigilance and investment of time on your part, and indeed his. First know that dogs thrive on a routine that includes consistent feeding, walking and potty breaks; combine that revelation with the very basic fact that what goes in, must come out and, VOILÀ!, you have the recipe (so to speak... blech!) to begin to control or correct your dog’s toileting behaviour. "How?", you ask? Well, eating triggers the gastrocolic reflex that leads to peristalsis (a fancy way to describe bowel muscle contractions). As these muscles contract, the food in the gastrointestinal tract is pushed along the system, and eventually out! This means that corrective measures must be timed with feeding sessions.

Now, it's difficult to be absolutely certain that this week's tips will solve the problem, but we do think they're a start. With diligence and LOTS of patience, we think you'll both be successful.


Poop Pointers 

  • Feed your dog twice daily.
  • 15-20 minutes after eating, take him outside for a walk. Yay! A walk!
  • Try to identify one regular spot for toileting.
  • Decide on a command, such as “Get busy” to encourage the action you seek.
  • Praise, praise and praise some more when he "produces"! A little party, if you will.



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