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Cat Talk

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Oh, to speak many tongues. If you're able to converse in one of the world's more than 6,800 distinct languages, good for you. If you can't converse in, say, Cantonese or Quechua, however, but are a proud cat owner, then fret not about your monolingualism, my friend, for without knowing it, you probably speak fluent cat!

Do cats SPEAK a language? Why, indeed they do. And cat communication extends well beyond simple verbal cues, as body movements factor in too. For example, when your cat looks into your eyes and closes them slightly... believe it or not, he's smiling at you! Go on, smile back and let him know you're happy too. At the other end of his body, his tail can indicate his mood through subtle movements that would usually go unnoticed. Oh yeah, and as for his incessant chattering, he is capable of making 30 sounds, including at least 19 variations on the simple meow, which can indicate hunger, stress, happiness, a greeting, pain, loneliness and anger. Obviously, he's got lots to say.

The best thing, if you can manage it, is to replicate the uniquely melodious and soothing purr sound - then you're truly talking "cat".


Talkin' Tails 

What your puddytat's tail position tells ya:

  • Wagging - A sign of stress, so talk softly.
  • Straight – Indicates a  friendly and spirited mood. His ears will be standing straight up from his head, ready for playtime.
  • Quivering – Signifies happiness!
  • Hooked - A signal for curiosity and slight uncertainty.
  • Tail Hung Low – A sign of aggression.



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