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Puppy Nips Make Us HOWL!

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PUPPIES! Who can resist their squishy, little faces and darling, soulful eyes? Almost no one... until... OUCH!... nips from their adorable mouths full of 28 razor-sharp teeth sink into your flesh.

Want to make it stop? Well, aside from wiring her mouth shut (we’re kidding, of course) to curb your puppy’s predilection to bite, it first helps to understand WHY she nips. You see, during the teething stage, painful gums require stimulation, and biting soothes the pain. And since dog-play includes biting, she most likely nipped her littermates literally everywhere! Through those interactions, she learned social boundaries by gauging the reaction from her littermates and mother. However, because she was likely removed from her litter before learning the difference between playful nipping and actual biting, her training is now on you. Lucky you!

So, how to prevent those tiny puncture wounds all… over... your… hands?!  Through consistent guidance and socialization with other dogs AND humans, which will help her learn the necessary self-control. Embrace EVERY opportunity to socialize her. Frequent interactions with other dogs, people AND cats will put her at ease with everyone and provide opportunities to reinforce what is acceptable behavior when interacting with other beings; canine, feline and human. That’s howl you’ll do it! 



Remember that consistency is key:

  • Speak her language - Exaggeratedly "yelp" as if in considerable pain.
  • Cease and desist play - Right after a bite place puppy in isolation for 2-3 minutes.
  • Toys – Show her that humans are a no-no but toys are a yes-yes!
  • No rough play – No tug-of-war or play biting allowed, EVER!



Amazing show, right? How about Alicia, F1 and the UAE National Symphony Orchestra opening night?... Ya going? Cool, good for you (we're jealous). Hmmm, it's certain to be a late night, so what to do about your dog? Have you considered boarding? Dogs need a night out too, ya know.

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