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Your Little Fat Cat

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Your cat... stalking... her tail-end winding slowing in the air... side to side... ears pointing forward... intensity twinkling in her eyes... just… about… to… POUNCE!... on that toy mouse dangled in front of her.

For the ordinary, pampered house cat, physical exertion is usually limited to this type of explosion of energy or the occasional playful (or not so playful?) tussle with her companion cat (or dog!). Rarely, if ever, is she required to "work" for her food as her ancestors had to, purposefully prowling and foraging about in the wild. Instead, her generation "hunts" by persistently vocalizing at your feet while she winds figure eights around your legs demanding (seducing?) to be fed (the kitty version of ordering food). And so the combination of ongoing limited expenditures of energy to earn meals, along with the resulting imbalance of more calories being consumed than being burned off, eventually, often, leads to a fat cat (not that YOURS is fat, for goodness sake!). Sadly, fat cats are more susceptible to serious diseases like arthritis, diabetes and hepatic lipidosis (a fatty liver), all of which are avoidable conditions that can result from excess weight. You, as her resident chef, hold the power to select and limit her meals in helping her avoid being that ever impressive and darling Fat Cat.


The Skinny on Fat Cats

  • No more free feeding: Get rid of the all-day buffet and offer food no more than two to three times daily.
  • Carefully consider portions: 15-30 grams for a 3-3.2kg cat is a reasonable amount.
  • Resist the urge to give treats: Cuddles are calorie-free!
  • Get her moving: Create opportunities for her to “hunt”, even if not for actual food.


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