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Bam! That unmistakable, gotta-love-it scent that smacks your nostrils the moment you enter a home graced with a spraying cat (GASP!). It's probably a true thing to say that you'll want to do everything possible to avoid your cat's pungent scent from infiltrating your own home (or perhaps you like that sort of thing?).

How to do that? First, understand that his world revolves around a central core territory that includes a home range area and a larger hunting range area. It's within the core area that eating, sleeping and playing occur and he is least likely to mark within this safe space. Think of it this way: there is no reason to post a message within your safe haven (your home) when advertising in an attempt to reach others outside of your home. For cats, the same principle applies. Urine marking is his form of advertising (his message board, so to speak); it notifies other cats that the area is occupied (so stay away!), that he's looking for a mate (MEOW!) or that he's in some way distressed (that new pet, human or furniture is freakin' him out, man!).

So making your ENTIRE home his core territory (from his point of view) will hopefully, greatly reduce the incidence of urine marking (and save your nose).


Territory Tips

  • Make him feel secure - block visual access to neighboring cats.
  • Cats freshen up old urine marks – thorough cleaning is important.
  • Three parts white vinegar, one part water  - the BEST cleaning agent (cheap too!).
  • Introduce him to new things in your home slowly - furniture, other pets and people (babies!)).
  • Neutering helps.


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