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Who do you trust?

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It's just about that time…that time when you and the family venture out of town for the Christmas holiday. Wait, what's that looking at you with soulful eyes wondering about his plans for the holiday? Oh right, your dog (or cat, or bunny, or bird) requires care in your absence. Friends can't help and you don't have a housemaid. What to do? Cancel your trip? Boarding facility? Pet-sitter?

Who to trust and how? Well, the process begins once you decide on either a boarding facility or a pet-sitter. And through investigation you may begin to determine if a certain pet-care provider deserves your trust.

Consider this: How much energy do you invest in choosing your children's school? Do you inquire about the school, its people and its ways? Do you visit several and ask penetrating questions? It's a lot of work, we know, but we recommend that you apply the same approach to selecting (and eventually trusting) your pet-care provider. Think about it: are happy smiling staff and promises of fun, fun, fun for your pet really enough to warrant your trust or should there be more to it all? We think you can begin to establish trust by learning the utmost information about who you choose to try to trust. It involves serious effort on your part, true, but isn't your sweet little Poopski worth it?


Digging Deeper

  • Visit several facilities - unannounced if possible! (Even some pet-sitters have a "place".)
  • Check out everything - even the feedroom, laundry and bathing areas!
  • Ask how and by whom is the staff trained.
  • Ask how your pet's health and well-being is monitored.
  • What type of work is done for your pet every day?
  • Are your questions answered directly and with confidence?


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