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Stress-Free Walkies

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Do you find yourself wistfully looking on as other dogs politely walk on leash next to their owners, effortlessly passing other dogs (and cats!) without reaction, tugging or pulling? Oh, the sheer envy of it all (sigh).

Well, don’t begrudge your fellow dog owner. Instead, channel that frustration so that you and your dog become the perfect walking duo too. First, understand that your dog must be in the proper state of mind to walk BEFORE you even put on her lead. And as is the case with all interactions with her, you must always be the leader. For example, does she dance an elated jig every time she even thinks you’re going for a walk? Entertaining and fun as this may be, get her in a calm state of mind and make her wait calmly near the door; only then should you clip on the leash and head out. As the leader, YOU should be the first one to step out, not she. And if she pulls as you walk, STOP, call her back, reward her with a scrumptious treat for the return and carry on. Repeat these actions as many times as it takes. It can be a long, tedious walk but you'll be on your way to experiencing the pleasure of walking in happy harmony (uh oh, is that a cat?).


Walk This Way

  • Walk with confidence and purpose - she’ll pay attention to strong energy.
  • Keep her behind or beside you - not in front.
  • When passing another dog (or cat) or other distraction, keep her focused on you - with a yummy treat if you must.
  • Keep walking - don’t let her sit when passing other animals, as this only builds frustration.


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