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The Best Food for your Cat

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Hmmm. What to eat today? If you're like most people, you probably give some thought to what you'll have for breakfast (or lunch or dinner or SNACKS!). But, your cat, well he doesn't have the luxury to decide - he gets what you put in front of him. And how did you come to that decision? Was it a recommendation from a friend? Did you see an advertisement? Well, here's something to chew on: recent studies have uncovered that wet food is likely the BEST form of food to feed your cat.

Now, why is that? Well, take a moment to think about what an undomesticated cat would eat. His diet includes primarily animal protein. Unlike dogs and humans, cats are optimally adapted to metabolize protein and require fewer carbohydrates of which dry cat food contains heaps. Grains and other starches which are high in carbohydrates are used to bind the kibble ingredients in order to make those cute kibble shapes. And those unnecessary and unwanted (for cats) carbohydrates turn into sugar that he can't efficiently process (because he's a cat), which can lead to a slew of feline health issues.

There's much more to the topic of why a wet food diet is best for your cat and with this article we wanted to at least plant the seed that maybe you should consider changing his diet, for his sake (and yours). If you want to read much more about it, including all sorts of supporting evidence, download this:  Wet Food for your Cat - The Better Choice


Advantages of Wet Food

  • Unlike dry kibble, which is plant protein based, wet food is animal protein based and just the kind your cat requires.
  • High water content keeps cats hydrated, which reduces urinary tract disorders and promotes healthy kidneys.
  • Fewer carbohydrates means a leaner, healthier cat!
  • For more information, check out


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