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Choosing the right bird for you

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So, you're thinking about a pet, but not the oh-so-common, everyone's-got-one dog or cat. You're thinking a bird... yeah... a bird, man. There are quite a lot of pet birds here in the UAE, so how hard could it be? Well, while pet birds are cool, they do come with specific needs that require consideration before you commit to a relationship with a fine-feathered friend.

Of course, one of the first decisions is the type of bird you'd like. Do macaws, African greys, cockatoos or other parrots enamor you? Or maybe something smaller; perhaps a budgerigar (budgie!) or a cockatiel tickles your fancy? It'll save you much grief (and bird-owner's remorse) later on if you thoroughly research the characteristics and requirements of the kind you're considering. Inform yourself about: its expected lifespan; diet; appropriate cage size; and its propensity to vocalize (those initially charming chirps or squawks can possibly end up scraping your nerves).

No matter the type of bird, you should think really hard about the amount of time you have to spend with your bird, for without frequent, consistent interactions, brain exercises and engaging surroundings, pet birds can become untamed and self-destructive (like pulling out its feathers), or just downright depressed. Birds, especially the kind that most people are attracted to as pets, are intelligent creatures and truly require a lot of stimulation. And nobody wants an angry bird, right?


Tips for a Bird-Safe Household

  • Ewwww, that smell! - Exotic birds are sensitive to odors, so no cooking in Teflon pans or smoking, and go easy on air-fresheners and scented candles.
  • Bright and shiny - Birds are attracted to jewelry and baubles, so watch out!
  • Destruction - Be prepared, birds like to chew anything and everything. Offer a variety of bird-safe toys, instead!


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