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Christmas and your Critters

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On Christmas day, your pet senses there’s something awry as the daily household routine is thrown completely out of whack. She could be tipped off by the chaos of the presents under the tree being ripped open with glee; friends and family coming and going; and the Christmas Day Supper preparations underway.  All this means there are plenty of opportunities for her to engage in some holiday mischief!

So, how do you include her in the festivities on the big day and lookout for her wellbeing at the same time? If you factor in her needs before planning the day’s multiple events (what time is everyone coming over?), it’s just one less thing to worry about.  If she has a tendency to bolt out the door or is not so fond of small children, it might be best to secure her in a room with a particularly interesting treat or toy. And what about the big meal? Does she slyly make her presence known while you’re at the table?  We know roasted turkey is so delicious and those sad, brown eyes are calling, but you really should try to resist sharing with her. Most likely, it’s not only you who’s slipping her treats under the table and large quantities of unfamiliar foods (like turkey skin) can spell disaster.  And that’s the last thing you want to be dealing with on Christmas day!


A Hassle-Free Holiday

  • Watch out! – Frequent guest arrivals means the door’s a swingin’ wide open!
  • No begging – seriously, no begging.  Yes, resist those eyes. Rich foods can have a detrimental effect on your pet’s tummy. And you don’t want to be cleaning that mess up later, do you?
  • Clean it up! – bits of tape, paper and bows can end up in her mouth!


Buddy Boarding!

More than one dog and/or cat? Lucky you, the more love (and vet bills!) to go round! At DKC, think Buddy Boarding! Two cats? Two dogs? Even a smaller dog and cat, you ask? No problem - all in one enclosure for company and snuggles. And all pets after the first in an enclosure get that Buddy-Boarding 20% off.

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