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Have a Pet-Safe Christmas

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Can you believe it? Christmas isTHISclose. With only a week to go before Ol' St. Nick is gobbling up the cookies and milk, you've probably bedecked your home in that entire Christmas splendor with lights, poinsettias, trees (did you get a real one?), and sparkling bulbs about.

If you've got pets that roam freely around your home, it might be a good idea to consider what access they now have to that irresistible tree chock full of interesting, dangling bits (be careful, your dog might even decide to “water” that tree himself!).

So what to do to keep Jinx from pooping tinsel and destroying your collection of holiday decorations? Well, you really should consider a few things: can your pet easily walk behind (or up) the tree? Are there lots of enticing decorations at the very bottom of the tree? Do you leave your pet unattended in the area with the tree or other decorations? Don't worry too much, for with a little foresight and strategic placement you can still enjoy a bedazzling Christmas season that is safe for your pet and fun for you! (Is Christmas fun?)

Now, on to the Christmas stories. 'Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was… CRASH, SMASH, SIZZLE. Oh man, is that the tree!?


Some Safety Tips 

  • Fairy Lights! – tuck away cords and avoid wrapping lights around the bottom of the tree.
  • Irresistible – swaying bulbs make fantastic toys. Aim to place them a little higher on the tree.
  • Yummy Plants – when ingested, poinsettias and mistletoe can be poisonous. So, be sure to keep them away from inquisitive paws and mouths!
  • Yummy Tinsel - Yes, cats DO eat tinsel, the proof of which to be found... well, you know where!


Buddy Boarding!

More than one dog and/or cat? Lucky you, the more love (and vet bills!) to go round! At DKC, think Buddy Boarding! Two cats? Two dogs? Even a smaller dog and cat, you ask? No problem - all in one enclosure for company and snuggles. And all pets after the first in an enclosure get that Buddy-Boarding 20% off.

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