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Time for a Turtle

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Looking for an easy pet for your child besides an ordinary cat or dog? Set on something green, cool and reptilian? Thinking about a turtle? Slippery choice - be warned that they're more complicated to look after than you might first suppose. However, if you're committed and if they're properly nurtured, a red-eared slider (the common "pet shop turtle") can be a uniquely curious family addition that can live up to a hundred years or more (how’s that for longevity?). 

There are a few items to consider - like its size. A fully-grown slider can be... are you ready for it?... as large as a dinner plate (yikes!) and the tank you keep it in should be about 38 liters for every 3 cm. Sliders are excellent swimmers so your tank should have clean, fresh water and a heated basking spot that they can clamber onto and dry off. You’ll also need a full spectrum reptile UVA/UVB light for proper calcium metabolism. And because turtles eat and defecate in the water, it must be cleaned daily and changed weekly (sigh).

In other words... that cute, seemingly easy-to-maintain pet may not be quite so simple after all, but turtles are indeed cute and can be a great way to start teaching responsibility.  Speaking of responsibility, whose turn is it to clean the water?


Turtle Tips

  • A high-quality water filtration system is best for a healthy environment.
  • Feeding your turtle in a separate tank means less mess (yay, less mess!)
  • Partially change the water each week for three weeks.
  • Completely change the water every fourth week.
  • Thoroughly wash your hands after handling your turtle (a hearty scrubbing like you mean it!).


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